Let's go to the Beach !!!

Ocean Mother
First Home of All Earth's Life
Home of Dolphins, Whales, Fishes, Crabs, Octopus, Sharks, Coral, Starfish, Jellyfish and Seaweed.

There are lots of creatures who live in Shells in the Ocean.
What else lives in the Ocean, Rivers and Lakes?
Can you think of anything?

The Ocean is our friend.

If you lived in the Ocean, what kind of creature would you like to be?



Some Goddesses & Gods of the Sea are;

Yemaya ~ Sedna ~ Neptune ~ Tiamat ~ Oshun ~ Aphrodite ~

Poseidon ~ Ijemanja ~ Mar ~ Anahita ~ Ningyo ~


How many things can you name that are found at a Beach?

Lakes are like mini Oceans, but without the salt.

The beach keeps changing, as new waves clean the shore.

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