Dawn of a New Day





Morning comes silently at first, quiet and gentle.

It is the most magical time of the day, like dusk,

it is a time with its own special magic.

I call these magical moments "between-time" . . . .

because it is as if, all the miracles of the Cosmos

are poised to reveal themselves . . . . . .

and sometimes in this golden time, they do!




One such insight is the sure knowing that you do have the

power to change the world in small and powerful ways. . . . .

Each day there is the opportunity to see the world with new eyes,

to speak with a new voice, A chance to touch the lives of others

in a positive way.  A chance to dare to grow and change.



Each Dawn I focus on my dream

of a World that honors diversity,

celebrates differences and values all life.

Each day I do what I can in my own small way

to practice that vision and share its hope with others.

What vision do you want to share today?

Dare to Share it!



"Reality is repition and participation."

Dawn spirals into day, and day into dusk,

and dusk into night, and night into a new dawn.

Dawn is a time of hope and gratitiude for another day.

Dawn cloaks All in a blanket of gentle, healing, energizing light.

Bringing with it,  the infinite possibilities of a another new day.

As the day approaches noon, the memory of Dawn's magic often fades

into the cares of the day, and it may seem like a distant dream.



When the memory of Dawn has slipped from our consciousness,

as if it had only been a mirage, we are offered another gift,

a second chance to "go between-time"

and experience the magic of just being alive.


 Dusk is that gift. . . . .
Dusk is handmaiden to the night . . . . .
Gracing each day with a grand finale.



Dusk is a quiet time of reflection and gratitude for all that is.

It signals the coming of the star blanket and rich blackness of night.

Too often we are distracted or busy hurrying somewhere,

as Dusk displays the day's rich hues of light, at their most brilliant.

When was the last time you took, the time to be, the time to 

breathe in a sunset and remember who you are?

Claim a few moments to experience this magic,

it is your birthright.


There is another Sunset tomorrow!


Dusk on the water, the fields, the hills, and the cities,

are sights shared daily by everyone on Earth. . . . .

It is a between time bond that links us together

 and tattoos the days of our lives with beauty.

Today,, stop, relax, and  take the time to share

a timeless moment with the rest of humanity.



It is at Dawn and Dusk,

that we are our most human, our most humane. . . . .

May each Sunrise and each Sunset bring you the awareness

that you are a valuable and powerful part of the human family,

the  animal kingdom, the Earth's family and the Universe. . . . .

The magic of the Cosmos pulses within you.




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May your life be  blessed with imany sunrises and sunsets spent in quiet enjoyment of the timelessness..  Peace is the essence of your spirit, may the Spiral Goddess Grove enhance that peace. Life is an adventure of incredible opportunities and challenges, each one with a gift in its hands.

~ La Diosa, Femenina Adivina ~ La Déesse, Féminine Devinent ~ Die Göttin, Weiblich Erahnen ~ Il Goddess, Femminile Divine ~ O Goddess,The people of these Goddess's land are watching the same sunrise and sunsett as you are. ~  Feminine Divine ~ Godin, Vrouwelijke Goddelijke, Spiraalvormige Godin ~ Θεά, θηλυκή θεία, σπειροειδής θεά ~ May you come to know each other, across time and space,  in that magical between time, that is truly the experience of eternity. ~ Богина, Женственная Предсказывает, Спиральн Богина ~ Il Goddess, Femminile Divine, Goddess A spirale ~

Copyright Abby Willowroot 1997 - 2010 ~ All right reserved