Flowing with Nature


Flowing with Nature


       Time flows ever onward, folding back upon itself in a never ending cycle of life, in ebbs and flows of life, death and re-birth. . . . Ancient animals roamed the plains of a vibrant Earth, powerful reminders of the life force. We seldom see the few creatures still roaming free in remote areas, but they are always in our minds. . . .They roam the plains of dreams, myth, imagination and vision. These wild, untamed creatures are essential to the sanity and security of the human spirit.  Treasure their diversity, your life depends on it.


Have you ever put your ear to the ground?

Ever listened to find out what sounds might echo through the Earth? 

Smelled and tasted the rich, moist, soil, on a spring day? 

Stood in a cool stream and imagined you were living 100,000 years ago? 

Huddled in a blanket against a bleak winter snow, feeling as if it would swallow you up?


Have you ever allowed yourself to experience  . . .

even for a moment, what it must have been like for your ancient ancestors? 

what it means to live close to Nature's power, both abundant and fierce?

The natural world connects us to ancient knowings & wisdom, long buried in our DNA.

Feelings, perceptions, skills & fears, are there, hidden, under the illusions of civilization. 


Dare to look deeper, within yourself . . . 

 beyond civilization, beyond the surface, beyond what you think you know.



       All cultures have honored animal spirits and totems. The lands your ancient ancestors roamed were filled with creatures whose power and skill they learned from and admired. . . . Are there any animals that you feel a special bond with?  If so, meditate on the qualities and special gifts of those animals. . . . . Ask yourself what lessons you can learn from them, and patiently listen for an answer. 



       The Great Goddess is honored in the Middle-East as "The Lady of the Beasts". She is shown as powerful, surrounded by all different species. Her robes and jewels are adorned with images of animals. We are blessed to share the Earth with these sacred creatures.

      The connection between the Goddess and Earth's creatures is an ancient and powerful one. The Bull often represents male energy and is sacred in many ancient forms of Goddess worship.  Cave paintings and statues have celebrated the Bull from the earliest times.


       If your ancestors are from Asia ~ some totem animals of your ancestors might be; Tiger, Elephant, Monkey, Snake, Bear, Leopard, Dog, Cat, Rooster, Rabbit, Lizard, Buffalo, Rat, Bear, Cricket, Fish, Horse, Bat, Ox, Panda, Crane, Ram, Cow, Horse, Dragon, Gecko, Gorilla, to name a few.

       If your ancestors are from the Americas ~ some of their totem animals might be; Wolf, Possum, Bear, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snake, Buffalo, Coyote, Lizard, Birds, Bat, Beaver, Possum, Cat, Moose, Horse, Deer, Hawk, Armadillo, Parrot, Penguin, Dog, Leopard, Spider, Raven, Fox, Puma, Turkey, Alpaca, Seal, Walrus, Rat, Weasel, Iguana, Turtle, Alligator, Hare, to name a few.

       If your ancestors are from Africa or the Meditteranean ~ some of their totem animals might be; Snake, Birds, Elephant, Monkey, Bee, Rhinocerous, Lion, Antelope, Zebra, Dolphin, Turtle, Stork, Lizard, Bear, Giraffe, Bat, Rabbit, Butterfly, Ibis, Hippopotamus, Rat, Jackal, Bull, Sheep, Dolphin, Crocodille, Crane, to name a few.

       If your ancestors are from Europe or Scandinavia ~  some of their totem animals might be; Bear, Bull, Boar, Horse, Deer, Sheep, Wolf, Cat, Rheindeer, Birds, Swan, Salmon, Bee, Frog, Elk, Falcon, Squirrel, Owl, Beaver, Seal, Dog, SeaGull, Hawk, Stork, Moose, Fox, Raven, Geese, Whale, Weasel, Rabbit, to name a few.

       If your ancestors are from Polynesia, the South Seas, Australia, or New Zealand,  ~ some of their totem animals might be; Lizard, Koala, Gecko, Birds, Kiwi, Snake, Ostrich, Fish, Dolphin, Kangaroo, Albatross, Wallabe, Shark, Bat, Platypus, Spider, Moa, Puffin, Crocodille, Penguin, Turtle, Seagull, Parrot, Emu, Whale, Frog, to name a few.

       If your ancestors are from the Middle East, ~ some of their totem animals might be; Snake, Lizard, Lion, Bull, Bear, Fish, Octopus, Swallow, Elephant, Crane, Sheep, Grasshopper, Dog, Deer, Ibix, Seal, Cat, Camel,  Ibis, Hawk, Ram, Horse, Antelope, Goat, Crocodille, Gazelle, to name a few.

       All human are of mixed ancestry, so there will probably be animals from many geographical areas that you are drawn to.  When we think of our race or ethnicity, what we see is the most recent history of our gene pool, but, we do not see the entirety of who we are, or what races and ethnicities live within us. 


      The animals you are most drawn to may not have any geographical connection with your ancestors. Trust that there are powerful lessons to be learned from all animals and plants, and enjoy the journey of discovering these lessons. The Animal Medicine Cards are a good tool for beginning to focus on the animals, but they are not necessary.  Study the animals.

       Plants and rocks also lead the way back home to the sanity and simplicity that is for each of us remember in the quiet moments. Nature contains all the wisdom and magic we will ever need.  Coming to know and value Nature for its lessons and inherent wisdom, is the surest way to enrich and expand your life, awareness, consciousness, understanding and spirit.

        A few moments spent tending a plant and really looking at it adds both time and quality to life. Subtle changes in the health and happiness of the plant will soon be noticed. Once you have begun to notice these subtle changes, you have begun to truly live as a creature of the Earth. When was the last time you really looked at the ground or the sky?  Not just to check for weather, but to really see the Nature that is all around you. Let the elements caress you.  

       We have forgotten many of our simple powers of observation and connection that are so essential for true happiness. Regaining them is easy, but it takes wanting to be a part of Nature again, to be a part of the Earth with all Her magic, and all Her secrets. 

Nature teach me
Make me a child of the Earth again
Open me to the everyday wonders and magic

Sharpen my ears to hear the birds and crickets
Clear my eyes to see the beauty of life around me
Make my touch gentle enough to feel the texture of a leaf

Open my heart to wonder and delight
Fill my spirit with gratitude and kindness
May I be truly awake for my magic journey of being alive

May I always remember to be grateful for the food that sustains me, and to the Earth that provides the food.



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