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Merry Meet from Your Critter friends!


Some Critters are magical and some are seen everyday.
All the Critters here want you to play!

Some live in the Air, and some live in the Sea, some even live up in a Tree!


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Bears walk in the woods and so do Deer.
It's fun to have so many Critters near!


Turtles live on the land and in the Sea. Sometimes they see Sharks as big as you or me!



Cats just go everywhere!
Up a tree! under the bed! behind a bush! and in your chair!



Polar Bears live in the frozen North, searching for food, they walk back and forth

Polar Bears are the largest Bears of all, and when they come into town people call

Bear, Bear, get out of the way, Bear, Bear, how long will you stay?

Out on the Ice is where they belong, so recycle when you can, so the Ice stays strong.

Polar Bears, Seals Walruses and Sea Gull need us all to take good care of the Earth,

So  that Polar Bears and their Cubs, and everyone else can live happily on Earth.

Greyhounds are the fastest Dogs, faster than Cats and faster than Hogs!

But there is one Cat faster than the Greyhound still.
It is the Cheetah, the very fastest animal on the Earth!

Even Cheetah can't fly through the air like our friend Kangaroo!
Kangaroo is the best jumper on Earth!

That's all for now, but here your Critter friends will stay,
so you can come back and play on another day!

A Critter Creation Story The Great Albatross

Merry Part & Merry Meet Again!

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