Spiral Goddess Grove

Kids' Special Place




You can make Your own Special Place or Altar here!

Choose what you want to put on Your Altar, Click on Image and drag it to the Altar top.

You can choose lots of things, like Goddesses, candles, faeries, labyrs, pentacles, witch broom, Green Man, a crystal ball, crystal points, a chalice, a bowl of salt, a bowl of water, fae branch, incense, athame, a flaming cauldron, or a single candle. Whatever you choose, your own Special Place will be Wonderful!

I like to make the raccoon run between 2 fat candles! It is really fun!

                          Abby   Abby 


Just click on the thing you want to add to your Altar and drag it to the place on your Altar that you want it.

Choose as many items as you like. Enjoy Your Own Special Place!

We hope that you like the pictures we have picked for you to use. This can be your own private place, come back as often as you like and make it Special.

You can save this page to your Desktop, so it will always be easily available. Save it as a WebPage html file. Next time you come here, you can buils your Special Place again!

Kid's Grove

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Spiral Goddess Grove